What if you’ve tried everything, and just can’t quit.  The fact is that 90% of smokers that have tried to stop can’t.  That doesn’t make them bad or weak.  Nicotine is the most addictive substance in world. stronger even than cocaine and heroin.

Or, what if you just like smoking and but you know that tobacco cigarettes and the 4,000 chemicals and 63 carcinogens in them are killing you and endangering those around you.



The Electronic Cigarette is innovative technology that you may have already heard about.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans, and millions more worldwide, have found these a logical alternative to the one product we know is a direct cause of major illnesses and death…. smoking of tobacco cigarettes.

The Difference:  When I started searching for Reliable information, it was extremely hard to find.  There is a lot of disinformation and bias out there on dozens of websites, most of which are trying to promote their own individual brand.  All of this can be quite confusing, especially if you’re new to the concept of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes).

Our Goal is to provide unbiased information so that you may make an informed decision regarding your choice of whether or not to use an electronic cigarette, what is the latest technology, and what are the differences between the top brands.

You have the right to make an informed decision!

This site has something useful for everyone thinking about trying electronic cigarettes or those who are looking to take their new found joy of alternative smoking with the e-cig to the next level!  I hope the information here will help you better understand this amazing new concept.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions on how to make this better for everyone.

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