FOX News Reports on the Electronic Cigarette

Here’s just one of many emerging news reports on the electronic cigarette.  This concept has taken off and is helping millions of smokers stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.  No, it isn’t a way to quit smoking altogether.  But, for so many that just can’t quit, it is an alternative for them that is healthier, cheaper, and accepted in most places where cigarettes are now banned.

The Doctors TV Show Rates Electronic Cigarettes in Top 10 Health Trends

The Doctors TV show named electronic cigarettes #9 in their Top 10 Health Trends for 2009.  Check out the video on the TV show.

This is HUGE!  I happen to catch this episode while in my doctor’s waiting room and was very excited about what they said on the show.  Some things they said were a little less exciting, because they were wrong.  More on this in a minute, but first, here’s the exciting stuff!

The fact that The Doctors TV show has featured electronic cigarettes as #9 on their TOP 10 health trends for 2009 is mainstream media attention!  They each took several drags, with even Dr. Lisa Masterson taking a drag, but barely letting her lips touch the electric cigar as you can see.

Skeptics of the potential health benefits of electronic cigarettes should also take note:

None of the Doctors on The Doctors TV show are smokers but they did try the devices.  So they must believe they are safe.  I find that some people I talk to are afraid to try taking a puff, even when the cartridge contains zero nicotine, like the one they were using.  If the doctors on The Doctors TV show didn’t hesitate to take a few puffs then does this mean the doctors on the TV show are not concerned about electronic cigarettes affecting their health?  You be the judge.

Now the doctors did give an electronic cigarette to a veteran smoker and let her try it out before filming the show and then invited her into the studio audience to give her opinion. That smoker said that, “she would recommend them.”

Another smoker gives it a positive rating.

Finally, the last exciting thing that stuck out in The Doctors’ review was Dr. Travis Stork informing the audience that the devices are not FDA approved yet.  They are not, and never will be because they are not under FDA jurisdiction.  In fact, the FDA recently lost their final battle in Federal Appeals Court to gain control of the electronic cigarette so they could ban it.  With over a million users in the US alone, the electronic cigarette is here to stay.

Now keep in mind, even regular cigarettes are NOT FDA approved either, and never will be.  In fact, regular cigarettes bear that all too familiar surgeon general’s warning.  I personally find myself reminding people of this fact whenever they suggest that electronic cigarettes need to be FDA approved to be legally sold in the U.S.A.  Electronic cigarettes contain nothing harmful to require any type of warning.

The Doctors TV show did say a couple things that were either wrong or a little misleading which may have you doubting their credibility.

First, The Doctors review stated that the products are not yet available in the U.S.A.  Wrong! Our product has been available here in the US, as well as Canada and Europe, for over 2 years.

Second, the doctors said is that the starter kit would cost you $150.  Not ours!  Our starting retail cost is only $79.95, and you can get it as low as $49.95 if you buy it wholesale.

So, whether you like The Doctors TV show or, you must be impressed with this ultra-conservative group giving the concept of the electronic cigarette real credibility.  Bottom line, they listed electronic cigarettes as their #9 health trend to watch and I am excited to see this year shaping up already for the e-smoking community.  Smokers do have rights.

Katherine Heigl uses an Electronic Cigarette with David Letterman

That’s right, both Katherine Heigl AND David Letterman smoked an electronic cigarette last Monday on CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman.

Get ready for something extraordinary.

If you watched the whole video you probably noticed that Heigl said she tried everything including the gum, the patch and Chantix twice. She also added that the Chantix simultaneously was helpful and drove her, “bananas.”

Letterman responded doubtfully that the Chantix was that helpful if she had to try it twice. Then it happened!

After Katherine took a drag off her 2-piece e-cig (common nickname for the electronic cigarette) she offered it to David Letterman. He graciously accepted and hesitated in taking the first drag made a face at the camera exhaling the vapor, then he took a second drag and attempted to blow a few smoke rings! Incredible!

It is almost surreal as I think back. Electronic cigarettes were once sold at Target & BJ’s (now pulled), sold at some gas stations, featured on The Doctor’s TV Show, and now and featured on The Late Show where Letterman himself gives it a shot! They are beginning to take the country by storm.

I am grateful for the publicity and want to say THANK YOU to David Letterman and Katherine Heigl.

With all the controversy and publicity will President Obama finally grows a pair and asserts a position on electronic cigarettes? They were brought to his attention at a press conference years ago and he declined to comment.

I think Letterman or Heigl intended on combating some of the negative press related to electronic cigarettes that the FDA falsely sent out warning letters. Those FDA claims have not been shown for what they were…an attempt to stop electronic cigarettes on behalf of their buddies the Pharmaceutical Industry. In fact, the FDA finally had to admit that their own tests showed electronic cigarettes were up to 1,400 times safer than cigarettes.

Now that the FDA lost their final appeal in Federal Court (see next article), the entire country has started to consider using this amazing logical alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. I believe in 2-3 years, this will be as popular to smokers as the cell phone.

When the news, facts and opinions on electronic cigarettes get as distorted and muddled as they have on the internet there a couple questions I would like to answer in the coming months: Which will get more press and who will people tend to listen to?

The FDA or celebrities like Katherine Heigl and David Letterman on The Late Show?

If you’ve ever wanted to quit smoking cigarettes, this is your chance to switch to a safe, logical alternative that actually costs ½ or less than regular cigarettes. And, you can smoke it anywhere, even on airplanes!

FDA Loses in Federal Court to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes

In case you hadn’t heard, recently the FDA lost their appeal in Federal court to ban electronic cigarettes.  This incredibly important US court ruling in favor of the electronic cigarette signified a major victory for this marvelous new technology.    At the heart of the matter was a lawsuit filed against the FDA that basically asserted the FDA did not have the authority to regulate the electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking.  The FDA was claiming that the product fell under their jurisdiction as a drug delivery device.  When that decision did not go in favor of the FDA, they immediately filed an appeal.

Even better news! On December 7th, a three judge panel upheld the prior court’s decision in favor of the electronic cigarette.  The FDA lost again. We are reminded what one of the electronic cigarette companies has been saying: “You just can’t burry a 10,000 pound elephant in the backyard.  Everyone is going to see the mound.  You can’t keep this new technology down, especially with millions successful users and supporters of this amazing device.

The only path for the FDA now is to the Supreme Court.  But, there is already precedence there and most think the Supreme Court would refuse to even hear the case if it were presented.  Many of our companies quit during this “battle” with the FDA, but some companies, like inLife, LLC kept growing.  They are now the largest distributor of electronic cigarettes in the US and Canada.

In just a few years from now, electronic cigarettes will be more the norm than the exception.  In fact, I would not be surprised if electronic cigarettes are someday allowed to be sold it as a cessation device.  [Not Yet]  If that gets approved, this thing will explode even quicker.  But, with just this recent court ruling, you’re going to see the wheels come off this train as the electronic cigarette grows in popularity.

Here’s a link to the court decision against the FDA, if you’d like to read it:

The primary agency that has been fighting this case in court is the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA).  They have been instrumental in promoting the concept and protecting our rights.  They also are the electronic cigarette industry self regulating body that credible companies, like inLife, look to for guidance and information on just what we should and should not do to promote this amazing concept.