David Goerlizt, The Winston Man, Joins inLife

Dave Goerlitz is a professional actor, producer, model, public speaker and educator.  His career includes work in film, stage, commercial advertising and tobacco-free activism.  Although he has been featured in highly successful commercials for a number of vendors, he is perhaps best known as the lead “Winston Man” in R.J. Reynolds’ lucrative “Search and Rescue” advertisement series, which helped move Winston Cigarettes from Number 4 to Number 2 in sales.  David was featured in 42 of these ads, more than any other tobacco model.

In 1988, Dave Goerlitz took a historic stand against the tobacco industry.  He publicly participated in the “Great American Smoke-Out” and condemned the tobacco industry’s advertising, alleging that the sale of tobacco products targets young people of the world. Goerlitz’s book, Before the Smoke Screen, is his personal story of how he became hooked on tobacco at age 13, parlayed that addiction into a career as a lead model for Winston cigarettes during the 1980s, then became disillusioned with tobacco advertising, embarking on a twenty-year-long, worldwide personal crusade to undo the damage his ads may have done in addicting 3,000 to 5,000 young people every day to tobacco products.

Dave has been honored by the World Health Organization, The American Cancer Society, The American Lung Association, and The American Heart Association on both the national and local levels. He has told his story to over 5,000,000 young people and adults throughout North America, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and, most recently, Sweden.

After a year of research, Dave selected the inLife electronic cigarette as the best on the market and joined the company to promote this amazing device.  He says he finally has something to offer smokers that give them hope and restores their rights and dignity in society.  inLife is thrilled to have Mr. Goerlitz working with them to bring to the public’s attention to the tremendous advancement that inLife’s inCig is now providing to adults that no longer want to smoke tobacco.